Weiss Schwarz: Bang Dream X Morfonica Extra Booster Box

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Each extra booster box comes with 6 packs of 6 random cards.


Every deck comes with a chance to contain a sign card by the lead vocalist!
◆ Amane Shindo as Mashiro Kurata ◆
◆ Hina Suguta as Toko Kirigaya ◆
◆ Yuka Nishio as Nanami Hiromachi ◆
◆ mika as Tsukushi Futaba ◆
◆ Ayasa as Rui Yashio ◆

◆ Raychell as LAYER ◆
◆ Riko Kohara as LOCK ◆
◆ Natsume as MASKING ◆
◆ Reo Kurachi as PAREO ◆
◆ Risa Tsumugi as CHU² ◆

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