Final Fantasy TCG: Crystal Abyss Booster Pack

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New Multi-Element combinations

Multi-Element Forwards, first introduced in Opus XII and expanded in Opus XIII, appear once again in Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss. With the inclusion of never-before-seen element combinations, players are sure to enjoy more refreshing and exciting games than ever.

New Characters

Cards based on WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS also make their debut! Please look forward to seeing new characters head into battle in FFTCG.

3x Full Art Legacy Cards

Furthermore, Legacy cards appear once again in Opus XIV, with three particularly popular cards from past sets included as Premium Full Art cards: The Emperor [2-147L], Wol [5-075L], and Estinien [6-088L].

Normal: 130 cards

  • Common: 54 cards
  • Rare: 36 cards
  • Hero: 26 cards
  • Legend: 14 cards

Premium: 152 cards (of these, 22 are Full Art cards)

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