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Protect and store your collectible card collection with the ENHANCE card travel case. Designed specifically for card players and gamers who often need to bring various customized decks or larger collections to tournaments, community gaming events, or for use as a protective storage case for home. Our unique design features pen and pencil loops and a zippered accessory pocket for holding small notepads, dice, tokens, and other small items necessary for playing card games.
  • Designed For Gaming On The Go: Store over 1200 collectible cards, deck holders and more in a professional travel case designed for both tournament events and casual game nights
  • Customizable Interior Dividers: Create and organize your cards into custom sized compartments for loose sleeved cards, deck boxes and holders, large cardboard storage boxes and much more
  • Dedicated Accessory Pocket: Bring all the accessories you'll need to play your favorite card game like a set of dice, life counters, tokens, pens & pencils, a small note pad, etc.
  • Rugged Semi-Rigid Design: A durable construction from flexible and rigid materials provides protection from impacts, crushing and scratches while premium stitching resists daily wear and tear
  • 3 Year Warranty: We believe in the quality of our products and back every ENHANCE product with a 3 year Manufacturer Warranty ( warranties are handled at the manufacturer level )

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